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Often, when we begin our skill-building workshops in communication, people want to know if influencing is really about manipulation—if I’m influencing, isn’t it all about me and getting what I want?

Yes, and no. The Influencing Options® model for communicating is a values-based, high integrity approach to influencing: it’s getting what you want while increasing trust and strengthening relationships. These skills are practical and immediately useable.

It’s not rocket science. The concepts are very simple and based on a psychological model that has worked for thousands of people in international venues for the past thirty years. Professionals in every possible industry, leaders in all sorts of positions, and regular, every-day folk have used these skills successfully.

Even though the skills are simple, sometimes it’s easier to influence than other times. Sometimes, it doesn’t work. There’s no guarantee that you will always be successful at influencing those whose behaviors you’d like to change because, after all, we’re dealing with people. People are messy and unpredictable and challenging and surprisingly lovely. We just never know for sure, but we can operate from absolute integrity, we can improve our skills, we can become more effective.

We believe that the important and courageous conversations that you enter into will not only impact the quality of your working relationships but also will impact your whole organization, team or company. We’re changing the way the world works, one conversation at a time!

Any level of employee—especially those who:

  • Supervise the work of others
  • Need to influence across “dotted line” reporting or outside contractors, vendors, clients or volunteers
  • Are potential leaders and rising stars
  • Struggle with communicating effectively and/or respectfully
  • Individual contributors

Outcomes and results:

  • Increase effective communication
  • Decrease stress and stressful interactions
  • Improve accountability and performance
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve working environment
  • Better manage conflict and confrontation
  • Deal with difficult people and issues more effectively
  • Positively impact organizational goals, mission, and bottom line.
Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, Rising Stars,etc



EI Flyer Cover

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