The Influencing Options® Leadership Academy is a quarterly offering with limited seating which allows participants to participate in an intensive 3 day academy which will grant them certifications of completion in our 4 core workshops:

Ethical Influencing

Problem Solving and Confronting Without Conflict

Performance Conversations

Managing High Performing Groups and Teams

This academy is designed to address the needs of our small to mid-sized clients who wish to invest in and develop their current or future supervisor and management level employees but are limited by budget constraints and are unable to host 4 days of professional development on-site.

By utilizing our Influencing Options® Leadership Academy, organizations are able to enroll their employees at an affordable price, sometimes up to 60% less than hosting an open enrollment event on-site for their employees.

To qualify for enrollment in the Influencing Options® Leadership Academy, an organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Have no more than 10 employees (supervisory or management level, or soon to be promoted) who will complete the program during the calendar year (January-December)
  • Not currently be enrolled in an annual Corporate or Global Materials Licensing Agreement with Influencing Options®
  • Not currently be engaged in an internal Influencing Options® Leadership Academy program within their organization.
  • Have annual revenues of less than $50 million and/or less than 500 total employees.
  • Your organization has received a special invitation to attend as a guest in order to preview our workshops in preparation for rolling out an Internal Academy within your company.


Each Academy is limited to 20 participants. When seats are filled, registrants will be automatically placed into a future Influencing Options® Leadership Academy date of their choosing. No refunds are given for payment received. Credit will be issued for a future Influencing Options® Leadership Academy only.


Ideal Audience:

1. Small to Mid-sized companies with less than 10 current or soon to be promoted supervisor/management level employees.

2. Companies who have been limited or recently impacted in regards to employee development and professional development due to:

  • Budget constraints- enrolling individual staff can be up to 60% less expensive than hosting on-site professional developments.
  • Downsizing- having fewer positions no longer means you cannot offer development and professional development opportunities
  • Inability to “fill” a class to make the investment affordable- we fill the class with a combination of participants. Send as few as 1 or as many as 10 people.
  • Lack of professional development space- we provide the location
  • Inability to schedule staff “off the floor” simultaneously- stagger your enrollments to allow for development and professional development while maintaining necessary coverage for your operational needs.

3. Organizations seeking to log professional development hours and utilize existing professional development dollars before year end.


Continuing Education or Professional Credits Available

Would you like your people to have the ability to count our program as CEU or CEC? We are happy to partner with your organization to try to make this possible. Please follow up with us so that we know what necessary documentation or paperwork is required to meet your certifying body’s criteria.