Make Room for Mistakes: Get Over Your Perfection Complex

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mistakesOn the eve of the big announcement and launch of this site, lots of thoughts come to mind. Are there dead links? Are there pages we forgot to flesh out completely? Is there something that we’ve missed? Undertaking a project as big as a website redesign can be intimidating. This is even more true when you’re actively launching a new brand which has multiple moving pieces and demands for your attention. Ultimately, you have to allow room for things to be imperfect. 

No big deal, right? Except that the announcement will go out to about 5000 people. And I can be a definite Type-A personality. It is at times like these that I think of what a mentor of Libby’s always reminds her, “success, not perfection,” and another of his mantras has become an Influencing Options motto: “80% and GO!”

Often, people can become easily paralyzed by some absurd notion that someone (who?) expects them to be perfect. Give yourself a break. Get over it! Mistake-making is actually necessary to learn. In order to create those expansive neural networks, the reaching branches of dendrites we call knowledge, we have to make mistakes! Keep this in mind when that perfectionist voice rises up–and especially if you’re leading others: mistakes must happen for people to grow, develop, make changes and contribute to the success of your team or organization. Make sure you’re supporting an environment that allows a little wiggle room. Innovation cannot happen in a place where creativity cannot flourish. If you only reward winning, they won’t be willing to push beyond anything that’s not “safe,” which can be crippling.

Plus, if you are constantly holding back to try to hit perfection, your ideas are never shared. They never make it out into the world. No one gets to give you feedback. No one gets to contribute or collaborate.

So, we are definitely at 80%—likely even more than that. We are ready to launch and be seen in the world. And I know that there are other Type-A people out there who will send in the dead links and the typos and the other suggestions. So, Let’s GO!

Libby Wagner
Author: Libby Wagner

President, Chief Visionary Officer