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Managing a team is essential to organizational success. A team’s ability to become the manifestation of the adage “the sum is greater than the parts” can really accelerate success for an organization and allow your team to differentiate itself, no matter the terrain of your industry.

Great teams are critical! It’s challenging enough to manage one person’s performance, but what about managing a whole team of individuals with distinct personalities, styles, work ethics, goals and experiences? How on earth can you corral those clouds and herd those cats?

Your role as a team leader calls on you to access your talents and skills in your one-on-one managing, utilizing strong communication skills as a foundation. When you lead a team,  you really do take it to the next level by practicing tools and processes to move the whole group, together, toward your team’s goals and your organization’s mission.


In order to meet business productivity goals, effective leaders/influencers ensure two outcomes:

1. They ensure that all of the people that report to them are consistently performing to standard, or above.

2. They ensure that their team has a strong vibrant workplace where people can contribute, learn, and grow.

If these two goals are met, there is a high probability that performance, productivity, and morale are high and that the workplace will attract and retain the most productive employees.

If these two goals are not met, the probability is high that performance will be lower and the workplace will not be able to attract and retain the best employees.


Any level of employee—especially those who:

  • Are leading teams and groups
  • Are formally responsible for assessing and managing the performance of others
  • Want to create strong, highly functioning teams
  • Want to take their teams to the next level of success (i.e. they’re already good teams, but they want to be better!)
  • Need to improve team productivity, trust and morale are working to create and/or change organizational culture due to change itself, such as – merger/acquisition, change in leadership, and other significant factors

Outcomes and results:

  • Utilize Influencing Skills to manage performance, including ongoing coaching and formal reviews
  • Practice writing clear performance expectations that are easy to integrate into performance conversations
  • Perfect for organizations that are working toward a comprehensive performance system model where employee roles & responsibilities are aligned with organizational goals and mission.
Supervisors, Managers, Leaders



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