ONE DAY workbook front covers copyYou’ve chosen a management role, a supervisor’s role, and this is an important decision. In fact, your relationship with your employees is the biggest leveraging point in an organization. Research shows that your relationship with your direct reports can make or break a team, an individual’s professional success, your success and the success of the overall organization: it’s that important. In fact, studies consistently show that the number one reason someone will leave a job is you—your relationship with those you supervise is critical to everyone’s success!

That sounds sort of dramatic, doesn’t it? Isn’t it enough, then, to expect employees to do the job for which you’ve hired them? What if they are really talented—they don’t need supervision, do they? Besides, their annual review should give them all the feedback they need, right? Not really.

The Performance Conversation, both literally and metaphorically, is the most proactive, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage performance.  How you set people up for success, share performance expectations, confront performance problems, as well as praise and recognize consistent performance is an essential, ongoing practice to most effectively manage.  Doing this well will save everyone time, energy, stress and resources.

The good news is that by combining your leadership talent with some practical, immediately useable skills, you can increase your effectiveness, influence high performance and impact employee retention. Having what you need to have those conversations—both positive and constructive—makes your work more effective and enjoyable, too.


Any level of employee—especially those who:

  • Are leading teams and groups
  • Are formally responsible for assessing and managing the performance of others
  • Want to create strong, highly functioning teams
  • Want to take their teams to the next level of success (i.e. they’re already good teams, but they want to be better!)
  • Need to improve team productivity, trust and morale are working to create and/or change organizational culture due to change itself, such as – merger/acquisition, change in leadership, and other significant factors

Outcomes and results:

  • Utilize Influencing Skills to manage performance, including ongoing coaching and formal reviews
  • Practice writing clear performance expectations that are easy to integrate into performance conversations
  • Perfect for organizations that are working toward a comprehensive performance system model where employee roles & responsibilities are aligned with organizational goals and mission.
Supervisors, Managers, Leaders

IO One Day Workshop Flyers


Click the image to download our information flyer for Performance Conversations


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