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The Influencing Option

by Libby Wagner

In a profit culture, Influencing is always better than commanding or ordering people. Winning your team over is better than ordering them. The Influencing Option actually helps leaders talk to people via a language and philosophy that works for the long-term, supports integrity and drives commitment. And all without relying on conflict, heavy-handed authority or guilt. In fact, candor and specificity are among its guiding lights. With a loss of faith in leaders and gross violations of ethical conduct today we need to lead with integrity and develop a commitment culture that is at once transparent, participatory and sustainable. Influencing as a leadership/management strategy fills this need to drive a profit culture.

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Confronting Without Guilt or Conflict

by Bob Weyant

Often, when someone’s behavior or performance causes us a problem, we hesitate to confront the issue directly for fear of making the relationship worse. If we perceive that the other person’s reaction may be emotional or angry, we may even go to great lengths to avoid the confrontation. The issue not only does not get resolved, but we carry the stress and pain. If we confront, we must be willing to pay the price of potential conflict and negative consequences. If we choose not to confront, we must be willing to pay the price of accepting the situation.What a dilemma! — Unless there is a better option to be able to confront in a way that lessens the risk of conflict!

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“Building a Profit Culture” D.I.Y Webinars

“Clear the Swamp: Removing Obstacles to Success”

Description: Join Libby for this special DIY webinar to maximize your team’s success. “Clear the Swamp” is a vital process for identifying real and perceived obstacles to high levels of performance, productivity, trust, morale and profits. What might be standing in your way may be lurking in those muddy waters.

Price: $120 USD

Team Agreements: Accountability and Commitment

Description: Would you like to get everyone on your team literally ‘on the same page?’ Learn one of the most powerful tools to lead your team to the next level of success. Learn the step-by-step process to writing a behavior based blueprint that is relevant to your team’s goals and needs. Clients typically pay thousands for this process within their organizations!

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Influencing Options Audio Series

Empathy in the Workplace:

Why or Why Not?

An Interview with Libby Wagner and Bob Weyant.

Description: What’s the big deal with empathy and why should you care about it in your business interactions? Join Libby as she interviews Bob Weyant about the research behind empathy and what the results can be from really listening and understanding in your interactions.

Price: $15 USD

The Four Core Dimensions: A Foundation for Creating Trust and Strong Relationships at Work 

An interview with Libby Wagner and Bob Weyant

Description: Learn more about the Core Dimensions—Respect, Empathy, Specificity and Genuineness—and the important role their delivery plays in gaining trust and building strong relationships. Examples/stories about how these impact the workplace, the history of the Influencing Model and more.

Price: $15 USD

Libby’s Leadership Series 

Favorite Lessons Learned (2009)

Description: Take Libby on your commute! Download Libby on your iPod! Libby’s Leadership Series (2 Audio CDs). Enjoy this practical collection of leadership tools and ideas selected from Libby’s favorite articles and newsletters. Some featured topics:leading yourself first, using a strengths-based approach, creating trust and respect in your organization, setting a clear vision, how to let them go, how to impact performance and morale, and much more!

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