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Working relationships are critical to your success. Your ability to communicate effectively, regardless of your role or Circle of Influence, will not only impact whether or not you meet your goals as a thriving organization, but also will impact your personal success, as well. Becoming more effective at solving problems (your own) and facilitating the problem solving of others, often requires you to have courageous conversations. You may need to confront respectfully, or you may need to create some accountabilities, and having a model to do this, while preserving the relationship, is crucial.


This course, which may stand-alone or add to the tools you learned in Influencing with Integrity, is designed to give you practical, immediately useable skills for recognizing options you have for solving problems, negotiating solutions and confronting without conflict, guilt, or what we like to call, “wreckage.” Many people will typically select one of two ways of describing their experiences and thoughts about confronting: they’ll avoid it, which means issues don’t get resolved, or they do confront but the risk is high in terms of creating the outcomes they don’t want—hurt feelings, anger, damaged relationships, loss of performance, or low morale.


Influencing Options® offers you other choices, other options, for creating balance between demonstrating respectful behaviors in your communication and holding people accountable for the agreements you have made or that you think you have made. Regardless of whether you are confronting a subordinate, peer, boss, client, customer or vendor, the ability to confront well is a necessary, essential life skill. Without these skills, we get stuck, stalled and stressed—we miss our goals, or we only get there at great cost to ourselves and others.


Confronting is about resolving issues: respectfully, quickly and directly—and will differentiate you and enhance your development, regardless of your role or scope of authority. No need to square off to do battle, our models are conflict-free, simple and very effective.


At Influencing Options®, we believe that the important and courageous conversations that you enter into will not only impact the quality of your working relationships but also will impact your whole organization, team or company. We’re changing the way the world works, one conversation at a time!


Any level of employee—especially those who:

  • Supervise the work of others
  • Need to influence across “dotted line” reporting or outside contractors, vendors, clients or volunteers
  • Are potential leaders and rising stars
  • Struggle with communicating effectively and/or respectfully
  • Individual contributors

Outcomes and results:

  • Increase effective communication
  • Decrease stress and stressful interactions
  • Improve accountability and performance
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve working environment
  • Better manage conflict and confrontation
  • Deal with difficult people and issues more effectively
  • Positively impact organizational goals, mission, and bottom line.
Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, Rising Stars,etc



IO One Day Workshop Flyers

Click the image to download our information flyer for Problem Solving & Confronting Without Conflict


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