Why does Emotional Intelligence (EQ) matter?

When we remember an encounter at work, we first remember how we feel – and sometimes we remember what the other person did or said. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is paying attention to yourself and the other in relationship when you are challenged or confronted by the other, and being aware of your strategies for managing your discomfort.

The Good News is you can improve your Emotional Intelligence.

The good news is that emotional competence (EQ) can be learned and strengthened. Through the “Applying EQ at Work” program you will learn about the seven dimensions of emotional intelligence at work and identify practices for building your EQ capacity.

Components of the “Applying EQ at Work” Program:

  • Complete the online EQ in Action emotional intelligence assessment (view and respond to eight challenging workplace scenarios)
  • Receive a 90-minute personal consultation to review the seven (7) dimensions of your “emotional fitness” profile
  • Choose a specific practice designed to build capacity in one of the dimensions of EQ
  • Participate in an experiential, high engagement workshop to deepen your understanding and apply your personal awareness of EQ
  • Learn a method for broadening your perspective and working through a challenging relationship


Intended Audience:

Executives, Directors, Managers, Anyone who wants to improve relationships at work

To request more information about Applying EQ at work,
please utilize the contact form below!

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