I.D. Reveals Your Natural Self

A human being is made up of many layers and at the core is the essential, natural self – I.D. – that does not change over time. Surrounding the core of I.D. are more flexible layers that combine to make you the person you are today. These layers are the elements of life that are influenced by nurture and explain why people with exactly the same I.D. can express themselves completely differently.

Each person is a combination of both nature and nurture. Through the I.D. System, we provide strategies for development and ways to live at peak performance.

Your Instinctive Drives® give you a deeper understanding of yourself, why you do the things you do and what you really need to be at your best and most successful in any role or relationship.

I.D. is different.

The I.D. System® is not a profiling or personality tool. Instead of measuring personality or behavior, it defines your natural instincts, your Instinctive Drives®. I.D. explains the innate needs that you must meet to achieve success and fulfillment across all areas of life.

Instinctive Drives uncover what makes each of us tick.

The reason why so many profiles end up buried in a desk drawer is because the recommended strategies for improvement rely on fairly radical changes in behavior: changes that just don’t stick. With I.D., we understand what works for each individual and what doesn’t and provide resources and strategies that make sense.

How does I.D. work?

The simple online I.D. Questionnaire reveals your internal thumbprint, defining the (often subconscious) drive or motivation behind the things you thinksay and do.

A unique combination of the four Instinctive Drives is identified and you will receive a unique I.D. report. The insights in the report instantly give you a deeper understanding of yourself, why you do the things you do and what you really need out of life.


I.D. Identifies:

  • What you need to authentically be at your best, reach your goals and achieve success and fulfillment
  • Your natural talents and how to make the most of them
  • Your natural vulnerabilities — including potential blind spots and how to manage them
  • Insights into how you see the world and how others see you
  • Strategies to help you operate at peak performance

Knowing I.D. Helps You:

  • Understand why you get stressed and what sends you off track — then learn what to do to get back quickly
  • Clarify where you add the most value
  • Understand how best to manage workloads
  • Leverage the talents of others, providing greater productivity and motivation
  • Improve relationships with colleagues by giving an understanding of how differences in I.D. impact others
  • Gain confidence and improve self-esteem by identifying real talents
  • Understand how best to approach others and achieve needed outcomes
  • Get to the bottom of others’ behaviors


To request more information about the Instinctive Drives (I.D.™)
System, please utilize the contact form below!

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