Our results-oriented process is based on the impressive Winslow Profile.  Based on over 38 years of research, we assess 24 personality traits in four categories that most affect success regardless of profession or industry.

Benefits of this assessment include:

  • The individual participants become self-aware and self-managed.  This enhances accountability, leadership, communication skills, relationships with others, critical thinking and decision making skills, and the ability to work well with others.
  • A highly specific and customized training and development plan is able to be created giving insight into ways individuals should focus their time and attention (and organizations should focus their training dollars) in order to enhance growth and maximize potential for success.
  • The same assessment is able to be given to all members of a team or at all levels of an organization.  Because of this, we offer the ability to also provide Team Profiles, provide career pathing, succession planning, team development, leadership retreats and many other variations that provide valuable solution to enhance success.
  • Two validity control scales insure that we provide more accurate and objective results.  This enables participants, their team members and managers to feel confident using this information to hire superstars, retain top talent and develop the best teams and organizations.
  • Participants continually comment on the value of this information from their 40+ page Participant’s Report in helping them both professionally and personally to balance their life, improve relationships and manage hectic schedules and stress.

 To request more information about the Winslow Assessment,
please utilize the contact form below!

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