One characteristic that will set you apart from most leaders is that you have a clearly articulated vision and you can get others to follow you—sounds easy, but it’s surprising how many leaders simply take this for granted. This means your strategy is:


1. written down 4. practical
2. specific 5. accessible
3. measurable 6. achievable



1. Everyone on my team or in my organization knows what the vision is and easily can state the mission and values.
Yes No
2. Everyone knows exactly how their daily work (roles and tasks) contribute to the fulfilling of the organization mission/vision.
Yes No
3. I have identified the critical success factors of my business services and products.
Yes No
4. I have accessible data to measure success in key areas-people, processes, profits.
Yes No
5. I have clearly defined decision-making processes for hiring, investing resources and making changes to the business.
Yes No
6. We have a clear strategic profile and know our goals related to products, services and customer relationships.
Yes No
7. I manage my personal and business time effectively as a leader.
Yes No
8. I can effectively influence others to create buy-in and commitment.
Yes No

How many “no” answers did you have?


1-2: you are probably okay.
3-4: you should review your current strategy and messaging to make
sure people and resources (time/money/energy) are aligned.
More than 4: you (or your team) may be seriously missing the mark with maximizing your efforts
and resources to meet your goals and vision. You need a clear strategy, for sure!



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