High performing teams are the infrastructure for high performing organizations. How does your team measure up? To imagine how much time, money and energy are spent each year, around the world, on “team building” is mind-boggling. What is it, exactly, that people are trying to do as they make this investment in teams? The collaborative approach to getting things done is not new, for sure, and organizations call for the dynamic of the team to become a major vehicle for reaching their objectives. But the real work of building teams comes in creating real work projects where they have to interact, collaborate, resolve issues, get real results, be accountable for their outcomes, and become interdependent.


1. Does your team typically meet or exceed its goals? 

Yes No

  • Yes: Congratulations! Your team has a proven track record of success for setting and attaining results.
  • If “no,” your team has some work to do to improve on their bottom line!


2. When your team meets its goals, can it do so with little disruption, chaos and “wreckage” to the organization, others, and each other?
Yes No

  • Yes: Your team shows that when it meets its goals it does so systematically and purposefully.
  • If “no,” succeeding at any cost is not sustainable for the long-term, so if your team succeeds by regularly creating more work for later, you need to create a more effective way for them to get results without damaging the organization or relationships.


3. Do your customers, both internal and external, perceive your team as providing excellent customer service?
Yes No


  • Yes: Your team recognizes the importance of high quality professional relationships both inside and outside the organization!
  • If “no,” both groups, internal and external, need to perceive your team as excellent-what areas or relationships can be improved?



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