Influencing Options® offers workshops, seminars and classes to support your organizational development so that good ideas become a reality. Practical, immediately useable skills transfer directly to work, create results, and increase your return-on-investment.

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Ethical Influencing

Often, when we begin our skill-building workshops in communication, people want to know if influencing is really about manipulation—if I’m influencing, isn’t it all about me and getting what I want?

Yes, and no. The Influencing Options® model for communicating is a values-based, high integrity approach to influencing: it’s getting what you want while increasing trust and (… read more)

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Problem Solving & Confronting

Working relationships are critical to your success. Your ability to communicate effectively, regardless of your role or Circle of Influence, will not only impact whether or not you meet your goals as a thriving organization, but also will impact your personal success, as well. Becoming more effective at solving problems (your own) and facilitating the problem solving of others, often requires you  (… read more)

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Performance Conversations

You’ve chosen a management role, a supervisor’s role, and this is an important decision. In fact, your relationship with your employees is the biggest leveraging point in an organization. Research shows that your relationship with your direct reports can make or break a team, an individual’s professional success, your success and the success of the overall organization: it’s that important. In fact, studies consistently show that (…read more

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Performance Management

Managing a team is essential to organizational success. A team’s ability to become the manifestation of the adage “the sum is greater than the parts” can really accelerate success for an organization and allow your team to differentiate itself, no matter the terrain of your industry. Great teams are critical! It’s challenging enough to manage one person’s performance, but what about  (…read more)


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