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  • “Lead From The Front: Powerful Leadership for Challenging Times”
  • “Why Your Influencing Skills are More Important Than Ever”
  • “The Differentiation Factor: Two Characteristics to Set You Apart”
  • “Creating Working Relationships That Work: Increasing Trust and Commitment in Your Organization”
  • “Navigating Change: Creating Great Teams to Lead the Way”
  • “Confronting Without Conflict: Deal with Those Issues Now!”


  • Communication
  • Values-based organization
  • Honesty and transparency in organization
  • Performance management
  • Commitment cultures versus compliance cultures
  • Creating great work environments
  • Culture change
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public image and perception of leadership
  • Customer service
  • Transition leadership
  • Strengths-based leadership
  • Position power versus personal power


Powerful. Passionate. Pragmatic.