What is Your Team Responsible For Achieving?

There are two ultimate responsibilities of your team— to meet the technical, specific goals you’ve set for them, i.e. sales numbers, customer service standards, work quality and to maintain a healthy environment in which to work. Unfortunately, so many times, organizations neglect to be specific about what the expectations are for how they will behave around one another because they imagine that they have hired people who will know how to focus on their work, communicate effectively and solve problems efficiently. If you want to create a strong corporate culture of communication and respect; if you want to infuse interactions with the Core Dimensions not only because it’s the right thing to do but because it creates a Profit Culture, then you need to be specific about what interpersonal behaviors are expected on your team.



If you want your group of people to behave like a team, and you’d like to influence them as a team, then you need to make sure they’ve got the infrastructure to do just that. In our work, we’ve found the following elements helpful in setting up strong teams for Profit Cultures.

  1. Clarify the goal/results of the team itself
  2. Check for alignment
  3. Create a Team Agreement
  4. Clear the Swamp
  5. Create Action and Accountability
There’s simply nothing more powerful than a highly dynamic, resilient, creative team. You want to use your resources and actions wisely to really build your team rather than just going through the motions of “team building.” This program includes a cultural assessment and leadership consultation, a review of your vision, mission, values and strategic initiatives and utilizes three of our most powerful tools: Core Dimensions, Team Agreement & Clear the Swamp. 


Is This For You?

Intact teams: executive level, management or leadership, business unit, global, etc. people who are supposed to be interdependent in order to meet their goals.

•Improved performance (team and individual)
•Increased engagement
•Increased trust
•Decrease stress, frustration
•Improved time management


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