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Leading Through Times of Change will help participants learn to 

  • Identify the natural stages of change and navigate through them

  • Assess yourself and your relationships as a communicator and leader

  • Apply practical, immediately useable skills 

  • Create high trust relationships

  • positively influence commitment and buy-in to change

  • Strengthen communication for problem solving and effective resolution of issues

  • Foster high levels of productivity, trust , and moral on your team and amongst your co-workers


Leadership and Relational Trust  will help participants learn to 

  • Identify and practice conversational skills to building and improving trust

  • Create and sustain working relationships that are positive and productive

  • Identify obstacles to creating or improving high trust relationships

  • Clarify and practice leadership behaviors to support your  Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

  • Improve collaboration and cooperation among leadership teams and individuals

  • Create a foundation for building and repairing trust across the organization

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The Leadership Academy will help participants learn to


  • Increase leadership and management skills.

  • increase communication organization-wide through the development of good working relationships between supervisors and employees.

  • Improve performance management amongst individuals and teams.

  • Increase capacity to resolve issues and manage conflict effectively and respectfully.

  • Create balanced feedback and provide appropriate recognition and appreciation.