Libby Wagner

Libby Wagner, poet, author and speaker, is one of the only former poetry professors warmly invited into the boardroom. Libby is a trusted advisor for presidents, CEOs and executive directors, and her work has shaped the cultures of numerous Fortune 500 clients, including The Boeing Company, Nike, Philips, SAP, Diageo and Costco. An award-winning faculty member, Libby holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry and is a graduate of the prestigious Million Dollar Consulting® College—a perfect symbiosis for the poet pragmatist.

She was honored as a 2014 Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year and has been quoted in the New York Times and The Harvard Business Review. Her monthly column, “The Culture Coach” is a fantastic resource for thousands of business owners in the retail industry. She is the author of the Amazon best-seller, The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business, poetry collections Like This, Like That, and Somehow and 2016’s What Will You Do With Your 90,000 Hours? The Boardroom Poet’s Thoughts on Work.


In 2015, Libby released Harvest, a poetry-music compilation in collaboration with Irish musician Owen Ó Súilleabháin. In 2017, Libby released Now Just This, the newest poetry-music compilation in collaboration with Irish musician Owen Ó Súilleabháin. You can find her inspiring Tedx talk, “Own Your Voice,” on YouTube.

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Maria Agnew

Maria Agnew is a Senior Resource Partner at Influencing Options®.  She is regarded as a highly energetic and skilled facilitator. She helps organizations build a commitment culture through increasing trust and creating hope through developing skills for clear and respectful communication. The immediately useable skills she teaches are brought to life by practical, real life examples.

Maria is committed to leadership, strategy, management and executive team development, inspiring individuals and organizations to create and sustain change for the future. Maria brings a strong tool box to help organizations achieve task and interpersonal skills accelerating healthy culture growth and change.


She has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development emphasizing interpersonal development and accountability. She has a diverse background working within non-traditional organizations. Maria works with organizational cultural issues doing a variety of assessments, and skill building to help make pro active choices that help people thrive in their live and in their work.



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Dean Hallatt

Dean Hallatt is a Senior Resource Partner at Influencing Options®.  He is an accomplished consultant and trainer based in Central Washington.  Dean has worked extensively with groups and individuals representing all levels of an organization— with a targeted focus on maximizing the effectiveness of people, processes and performance.

Dean leads powerful workshops and seminars to help leaders effectively handle their most challenging personnel and organizational challenges by addressing performance issues and asking for what you want with clarity and specificity.  He helps leaders reinforce the actions and behaviors needed to move organizations into the future and by creating workplace cultures of commitment, alignment and shared vision.

Dean is a Wagner Certified™ Master Trainer. He also holds Wagner Certification™ in Influencing with the Core Dimensions, Problem Solving & Confronting Without Conflict, Managing High Performing Groups & Teams and Performance Conversations. These workshops, part of the Influencing Options® library of world class transformational programs have benefited tens of thousands of participants from all corners of the globe over the past 25 years.

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Phil Tyler

Phil Tyler is a Senior Resource Partner at Influencing Options®. His greatest desire is to improve trust and relationships through better communication and help build and improve relationships, both professionally and personally, thus making the world a better place.

Phil's ability to promote and conduct the actual facilitations of the communication/relationship building classes, through a hands-on, personalized approach allows him to connect better with his clients and serves to build lasting relationships. He specializes in helping organizations to assess the areas of need for communication growth and any gaps in trust.  He also assist companies with on-boarding of newly promoted staff and executive coaching.

Phil Tyler has earned numerous accolades throughout his military career, including a Provost Marshall Award.  During his tenure with the Spokane Sheriff’s Office-Jail Division, he was the first African American to be promoted to sergeant and lieutenant.  He was also the recipient of the Trilogy Award from FBI-LEEDA and was the first ‘member spotlight’ for the FBI-LEEDA Insighter magazine.